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I am not ashamed to post this. NOPE.

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What’s on your mind, Kevin? You can tell me.

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Mark Sheppard’s selfies are so cute (and hot)

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Do you ever read a gay fanfic so good you wonder why boys even like girls at all

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Just young Mark being cute as fuck

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One of the things I admire the most about Crowley, is his wit; and wit isn’t an easy characteristic to have.imageimage

Crowley has read all the classics, and has a library full of leather bound books. He also loves theatre, hearing himself talk and being dramatic. He’s definitely read his favourite…

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We’re turning 200!

Episode Five of Season 10 of Supernatural will be our show’s 200th episode! This is a huge achievement in television, and one that we want to make a lot of noise about.

All you have to do is take a selfie!

SO FAR WE HAVE HAD OVER 1800 SELFIES SENT IN  FROM 54 COUNTRIES!!!  entries close 10th July so get em in!

This project aims to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Supernatural celebrating the whole SPN Family. We are each a fan of the show and we love it for many different reasons but collectively we have formed this community made up of fans from around the world.

We will take all the selfies and make them into a digital photo mosaic, with a design that will feature Sam, Dean and Castiel. This will be made into prints and postcards that will be sent to every person who works on the show, and they will be available to fans as well.

So all you need to get involved is to take a selfie! On your own or with a bunch of friends. You can be in cosplay or just wearing a smile. It might be a selfie you took while watching the finale or at a Con you went to.

Send your photo to spn200selfie@gmail.com Please include your name, nickname or handle, and the city and country of where you are from.

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A few of my favorite things about Mark Sheppard: that gorgeous smile, that infectious laugh, and that tongue thing he does

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